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In fact they found the stars in the constellations to be more important than the Sun and the Moon and the planets. In some ways their astrology was more advanced than ours. The Sumerians were not only advanced in astrology, but in all other aspects of culture as well. They produced great literature, their laws were as benign as British common law C. Norton, , Pages , and their mathematics were only improved upon by the brilliant Greeks.


Babylonian Astronomy and Astrology

Sumerian literature embodies and implies a strong tradition of a Golden Age. Once upon a time, the lands Shubur and Hamazi, Many?

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This clearly describes a time when people lived together in peace, did not fight against Nature, and believed in one God, Enlil. It must have been a wonderful civilization. In later times, each city in Sumer had a different god that represented a different archetypal energy, each one of which was connected to a planet. The city of Erech, for example, was devoted to the goddess Ianna or Ishtar , connected to the planet Venus.

Ur, which meant the City of Light, was devoted to the Moon-god Nannar. The ziggurat at Ur, the only one left of such structures remaining from ancient Summer, was a temple dedicated to the Moon.

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It is interesting that Nannar the moon-god was a male, not a female goddess. Four Sumerians, whose names we do have, fall somewhere between myth, legend, and history. These are Abraham and Melchizedek, Sara and Terah. Abraham and Sara were a semi-historical figures, who lived around B. The beginning of the 2nd millennium B. The book of Genesis in the Bible describes the life of Abraham and Sara, and the circumstances under which they emigrated from Ur to the Land of Canaan.

A tradition exists that Abraham was a great Sumerian astrologer who studied in the Sumerian cities of Ur and Mari. Mundane Astrology. Wellingborough, Northamptonshire: Aquarian Press , Page Melchizedek is also mentioned in Genesis. And Melchizedek king of Salem brought out bread and wine: and he is the priest of the most high God. And he gave him tithe from all.

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Genesis His son, Isaac, lived to be Genesis Many traditions are found in Sumerian literature and history of this people living for centuries, sometimes for thousands of years. We know that modern science scoffs at such an idea—that people could live to be so old. But what if it were true? If this was true, did Sarah, as a centenarian, look like she was in her mid-thirties?

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Did she have a body that was capable of bearing a child? The Sumerians all through their literature were obsessed with immortality, with living forever. Is the Bible wrong or mythical or metaphorical about the ages of peoples? Or is this tradition—and it was first an oral one—telling the truth?

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The King Lists, which come from ancient Sumer date the reigns of some kings by centuries, and others for thousands of years. Sumerian scholarship has never adequately dealt with the longevity of this culture. Here is an example of the King Lists; judge for yourself:. The flood then swept over the land. After the flood and kingship had descended from heaven a second time, Kish a Sumerian city became the seat of kingship.

Buanum reigned years; Arurim, the son of Mashda, reigned years; Etana, the shepard, reigned years; Enmenunna reigned years; Melam-Kish, the son of Enmenunna, reigned 1, years; Meszamug, the son of Barsalnunna, reigned years; Tizkar, the son of Meszasmug, reigned years; Ilku reigned years; Iltasadum reigned years; Enmebaraggesi, he who smote the weapons of the land Elam, reigned years as king; Agga, the sun of Emnebaraggesi reigned years.

Kish was defeated in battle, and its kingship was carried off to Eanna. Much Sumerian text is not understood or remains in garbled form. For example, this translation comes from the Third Dynasty of Ur:. Who knows the eclipses, the mother of him who Knows the incantations, At the nodding canebrake, The … gods of battle, The inimical, fighting twins.

Kramer, The Sumerians , Page Yet at other times the Sumerian mind comes down to us with utter clarity. Look at some of these proverbs:. Tell a lie; then if you tell the truth it will be deemed a lie.

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  • It is not the heart which leads to enmity; It is the tongue which leads to enmity. Into an open mouth, a fly enters. A loving heart builds the home; A hating heart destroys the home. In a city without watchdogs, the fox is the overseer. Kramer, The Sumerians , Pages When the ancient culture of Sumer began to fall apart and all the evidence we have is that the civilization was so old that it just died of old age , its culture, its literature, and mathematics began to be assimilated by those younger races, the Semites: the Babylonians, the Akkadians, the Hittites, the Jews, and the Assyrians.

    When this ancient high culture began to fall into a dark ages, many of its inhabitants immigrated into new lands. These young barbaric races in Mesopotamia and the surrounding regions learned how to read, calculate and build from the Sumerians. But 12 moon cycles fall short in relation to the solar year. The high time for Sumerian astronomy and astrology was the 6th century B.

    It is still unclear how these scribes were trained and where all this knowledge came from. But what is certain is that most of them worked later at the Babylonian court where they helped to shape the Babylonian calendar. During this period, the first day of each month beginning at sunset continued to be the day when a new crescent moon was first sighted—the calendar never used a specified number of days in any month and finishes again with the last sighting of the Waning Moon.

    Then follows 2 days of New Moon period when no moon is visible. Subsequently the Sumerian calendar was not only absorbed into the Babylonian calendar, but a lot of other cultures such as the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Hebrews also absorbed elements into their own calendar system.

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    enuma anu enlil astrology Enuma anu enlil astrology

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