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An idea came to me to start a website year and a half ago. Now at It took me a long time and courage to start the website. I just took a chance to finally do what I love and I am passionate about. Congratulations Renata!


Birthday Number 7

I would love to look at it.. I would be honored to tell you more about your birthday numbers. Let me know if you would like to delve deeper.. I have a selection of readings that will probably fascinate you. I may hear it while watching TV or on a milk carton expiration date or just reading an article online. Hi Lina, now this is very interesting. It might be an indication that there is a message here Perhaps even something you were contracted to work on in this life time. It is very curious.. But also look at where you are this year so you can see why this message is coming through.

All of these numbers have an energy to connection in some way.. Interesting lesson. I hope this helped! See links below to choose from a variation of readings if you would like to know more.. We could even look at the two relationships to see what your lessons were. Many blessings. Subsequently I am seriously considering moving back stateside from my current location abroad.

Thanks for this and any other insight you might have! What is it telling you? Sharing your voice in some way. To me, it is a message of connecting inside to find what is next in your life. Possibly to take chances that you might be afraid to approach. It is asking the question.. I would be happy to connect further with you in discussing what this means for you personally. I have several options in my readings, from the simple one answer question to a full 90 minute analysis. See links below to find prices and set up an appointment. Let me know if one of them suits you. Ironically my birthday is also August 17!!!!

Wow Jimmy! Lets take a look at you.. And connecting inward to the meaning of things. What is your birthyear? You are in an 8 personal year!!!

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This is a year for you to examine your power. How is it going so far? Might be hard for a 7 inspiration to examine their power as the seven would much rather take a nice long walk in the forest or on the beach. When you see your birthday number, what are you thinking? I see everywhere which is Jan 6 my birthday. Always see it everywhere. Especially in the a. Hello AJ It is so very interesting when we see our birthday numbers. The 7 vibration is what inspires you in life. Perhaps in the am when you see it, pay attention to the message, especially if it relates to something in your life.

If you are interested in learning more about this as it pertains to you.. Here is a link to my readings. Lets take a look at this.. Your birthday is all about 2s.. Two is the connector, the arbitrator, dealing with truth and fairness. Relationships of all kinds, romantic, family, friends, business. How do you connect with another is the key. The zero is about potential.. You are probably still exploring the meaning of your life, at the age of 15, but with all those 2s you might have fun with people. I would say that the most important thing is loving yourself.

The two can tend to care more about others than self.. So do something that pleases you at least once a day:. Here is a fun link to find you life purpose.. I am considering a major change in my life and I know 5 is about change. Do you know what that could be about? It being your catalyst, you move in the place of change always..

Do i need to worry everytime i see it? Hello Ira, sorry for the delay.. Do you have many balls in the air? Do you love to travel and connect with people? It is also an interesting phenomenon called karmic freedom.. Read more about it here. I would not worry when you see it.. It might be a message of doing too much at once or a message to pay attention to the moment and act.

Are you still seeing it?? If you would like to learn more, we could have a mini session, see more about my readings here. I was even afraid that it was a sign death but now I have positive hope lol. Hi Robin, Seeing your birthday numbers are very interesting. The sum of the month plus the day symbolizes what inspires you in life. Your numbers add up to a nine.

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This represents completion and transformation. Understand the inner meanings and bigger picture of life. You analyze everything.. Seeing the your birthday number may be a message that it is time for change or time to look at what you have been putting up with that you might want to let go of. Number: month, day, year. Yeah I have seen that happen.. What does it mean to you? It could be about potential.. Longing or excitement. Lets take a look at the numbers.

Add together… So pay attention to when you see the number. What are you thinking? Perhaps start a journal that lists when you see the number and what you were thinking or saying to someone. I am not sure if it is about this person or about the drive and excitement in you for adventure. Perhaps when you see the number it is saying..

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Journaling will definitely help you to get clearer. When I see the same number, it often feels like a confirmation that what I just said needs to be paid attention to. I can help you with more insight about this and your name, birthday numerology, etc if you are interested in a reading.

Birthday Numbers from 1 to 31 and their meanings

HI Norma, So lets see. Four is the builder and manifester. Perhaps this is a time for you to build something or complete something you are working on. Seeing this same number might be a message to you to take a look at what you would like to accomplish in your life. This is also a 6 personal year for you which is all about birthing something. Pay attention to when you see this number.

Is there a question that you have been working on.. The message may very well be to take action or at least start the gears moving towards your new creation. Do you know what this is? Here is the link to find out more about your personal year. Add your birth month to your birth day and the current year. Hi Greer! I have always seen my birthdate on clocks. Can you help me on this journey? In need of a kick start. Do you see all the time? Well your birthday just passed. Happy birthday! What inspires you is a 4. All about structure and purpose and also the builder.

You are inspired to manifest things into being. Do you have structure and the heart in your career and way of life? It is important for you to have both because if you only have one of these things, then you are out of balance. Are you too controlling? If you see 2 1 1 all the time, perhaps it is a message to come back to balance. Love and assertiveness, both are important. Let me know if I can help you further with a complete reading: looking at all the many things that make you, you. This has bothered me for years. I see on way too much stuff. Time mostly almost daily, tags, prices, etc.

This has me so nervous as to why. Thank you my friend! Would love to know why. I would love to help you learn more.

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  4. There is nothing to be nervous about. It is a message to you. When you see it.. It looks like, from your numbers, that it is about the two sides of you.

    What is the Impact of Birth Number 7 (Lucky Number 7) on Your Life

    One side that is bold and one that is more thoughtful.. Want to talk more about it? Here is a link to the session. I found this page by searching what does it mean to see your birthday number all the time. I see it almost everyday and have for a while now. It just happens. Also my mom has seen it and now my husband has been seeing it way more frequently too. I see almost everyday. Sometimes twice a day. Hi Melissa, It is so interesting that you continue to see Seeing the same number all the time can be a message specifically to you.

    What were you thinking feeling, talking about during that time? Lets break it down. Does this describe what is happening at this present moment? When you see this number. I can assist more with a personal reading, to go into many aspects of your name or to answer a simple question, see the options in the link below. Just wanted to share, I googled what it means to see your birthday number everywhere. I pulled this page first. Just wanted to say thank you for the information. It may not seem fair and probably isn't, but it may be the key to your accomplishment and reputation.

    The negative side of the 4 can prove dogmatic to an excess, narrow-minded, and repressive. A lot of skin-deep people turn you off, and you lack the tact to keep your feelings from being totally clear to all around. Additionally, the negative 4 has a bad tendency to get caught up in the daily routine of affairs, missing the big picture and major opportunities that come along once in a while.

    The Life Path 5 suggests that you entered this plane with a highly progressive mindset, with the attitude and skills to make the world a better place. The key word for your Life Path is freedom. In the pursuit of freedom, you are naturally versatile, adventurous, and advanced in your thinking. You are one of those people who is always striving to find answers to the many questions that life poses.

    The byword for the positive Life Path 5 is constant change and improvement. You want to be totally unrestrained, as this is the number most often associated with the productive use of freedom. You may be one of the most compassionate of people as the 5 is surely the most freedom-loving and compassionate Life Path. Your love of freedom extends to humanity at large, and concern for your fellow man, his freedom and his welfare, may be foremost in your mind.

    As the ultimate progressive thinker type, your potential in government, the law, and other positions of authority is unlimited. You are a good communicator, and you know how to motivate people around you. This may be your strongest and most valuable trait. Because of this skill, and your amazing wit, you are a truly natural born salesman. This ability to sell and motivate extends to any sort of physical product all the way through to whatever ideas or concepts you may embrace.

    You abhor routine and boring work, and you are not very good at staying with everyday tasks that must be finished on time. On the average, the number 5 personality is rather happy-go-lucky; living for today, and not worrying too much about tomorrow. It is also important for you to find a job that provides thought-provoking tasks rather than routine and redundant responsibilities.

    You do best dealing with people, but the important thing is that you have the flexibility to express yourself at all times. You have an innate ability to think through complex matters and analyze them quickly, but then be off to something new. A love of adventure may dominate your life. This may take the form of mental or physical manifestation, but in either case, you thrill to the chance for exploration and blazing new trails.

    Surely you belong to a group considered the most worldly and traveled. Clearly you are not one to pass up a good venture. You have quite a lot of the risk-taker in your makeup. If you aren't putting your money at stake, you are surely open to a wide variety of risks in your everyday life. Taking the conservative approach is just not in your nature. In romance, you hate to be tied down and restricted. This doesn't necessarily mean that you are unfaithful or promiscuous, but it does mean that a good partner for you needs to understand your nature.

    A relationship based on jealousy and having tight reigns is not going to work at all for you. A partner who understands your need to be free and trusted will find you trustworthy, even if you aren't constantly available and totally dutiful. It is important for you to mix with people of a like mind, and to try to avoid those that are too serious and demanding.

    If you are living on the negative side of the Life Path 5, you are apt to be multitalented, but suffering from some lack of direction, and there is confusion surrounding your ambition. Restless, discontent, and impulsive, you may bounce from one job to the next without accomplishing much at all. A negative Life Path 5 can become very irresponsible in tasks and decisions concerning the home and business life. The total pursuit of sensation and adventure can result in your becoming self-indulgent and totally unaware of the feelings of those around you.

    Page top. The Life Path 6 suggests that you entered this plane with tools to become the ultimate nurturer, and a beacon for truth, justice, righteousness, and domesticity. Your paternal, or maternal, as the case may be, instincts with a 6 Life Path exceed all others by a considerable margin.

    Whether in the home or in the work place, you are the predominant caretaker and family head. While the 6 may assume significant responsibilities in the community, the life revolves around the immediate home and family, for this is the most domestic of numbers. Conservative principles and convictions are deeply ingrained and define your character. You are idealistic and must feel useful to be happy. The main contribution you make is that of advice, service, and ever present support.

    You are a humanitarian of the first order. It is your role to serve others, and you start in the home environment. You are very human and realistic about life, and you feel that the most important thing in your life is the home, the family and the friends.

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    In romance, the 6 is loyal and devoted. A a caretaker type, you are apt to attract partners who are somewhat weaker and more needy than yourself; someone you can care for and protect. The main ingredient that must prevail in the relationship is complete harmony. You don't function well in stressful relationships that become challenges for you to control. It is the same with friends, you are loyal and trustworthy. But there is a tendency for you to become dominating and controlling.

    It's likely you feel compelled to function with strength and compassion. You are a sympathetic and kind person, generous with personal and material resources. Wisdom, balance, and understanding are the cornerstones of your life, and these define your approach to life in general. Your extraordinary wisdom and the ability to understand the problems of others is apt to commence from an early age.

    This allows you to easily span the generation gap and assume an important role in life early on. The number 6 Life Path actually produces few negative examples, but there are some pitfalls peculiar to the path. You may have a tendency to become overwhelmed by responsibilities and a slave to others, especially members of you own family or close friends. It's easy for you to fall into a pattern of being too critical of others; you also have a tendency to become too hard on yourself. The misuse of this Life Path produce tendencies for you to engage in exaggeration, over-expansiveness, and self-righteousness.

    Modesty and humility may not flow easily. Imposing one's views in an interfering or meddling way must be an issue of concern. The natural burdens of this number are heavy, and on rare occasions, responsibility is abdicated by persons with this Life Path 6. This rejection of responsibility will make you feel very guilty and uneasy, and it will have very damaging effects upon your relationships with others.

    The Life Path 7 suggests that you entered this plane with a gift for investigation, analysis, and keen observation. You are a thinker of the first order. You evaluate situations very quickly, and with amazing accuracy. As a result, you are thorough and complete in your work, the perfectionist who expects everyone else to meet a high standard of performance, too.

    A Life Path 7 person is a peaceful and affectionate soul. But you guard your connection to people carefully. It's easy for you to detect deception and recognize insincere people, and you avoid them. You aren't one to have a wide circle of friends, but once you accept someone as a friend, it's for life. It's as if you must get to know someone a lot better before you allow the wall surrounding you to be penetrated. Chances are you are a very charming and refined individual with great poise and a quick wit. Nonetheless, there is an exclusiveness about you.

    You probably aren't a very social person. Your reserve is often taken to be aloofness, but actually, it's not that at all. It is merely a cover up for your basic feeling of insecurity. There's no rush, It takes time for you to warm up to new friends. Clubs and organizations hold little interest for you; you are not a joiner. You actually like being alone and away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. In many ways, you would have fit in better in much earlier times when the pace of life was less hectic.

    You need a good deal of quiet time to be with your own inner thoughts and dreams. You dislike crowds, noise, distractions, and confusion. The overwhelming strength of the number 7 is reflected in the depth of thinking that is shown; you will garner knowledge from practically every source that you find. Intellectual, scientific, and studious, you don't accept a premise until you have dissected the subject and arrived at your own independent conclusion. This is a very spiritual number and it often denotes a sort of spiritual wisdom that becomes apparent at a fairly early age.

    A built in inner guide providing a strong sense of intuition may set you up as being a law unto yourself. Whatever spiritual position you take, whether traditional or bizarre, you will cling to it with fervor. Once you have decided an issue, it is almost impossible to get you to revisit the question. Adaptability is not your style, and change for you is a rarity. You rely heavily on your experiences and your intuition, rather than accepting advice from someone. Your hunches usually prove to be very accurate, and knowing this, you follow the directions they seem to guide.

    In the most negative use of the 7 energies, you can become very pessimistic, lackadaisical, quarrelsome, and secretive. A Life Path 7 individual who is not living life fully and gaining through experiences, is a hard person to live with because of a serious lack of consideration for others. There is such a negative attitude. Indeed, operating on the negative side of the 7 can produce a very selfish and spoiled individual and living with one can be a challenge.

    Demerits of Number 7 People belonging to number 7 are short tempered. They have more mental strength than physical. These people do not like taking any kind of advise or suggestions from anyone. They tend to fight for their right. They can be seen fighting for their right. They do not get much financial success and may find difficulties in raising funds. Females with number 7 are married in rich families and have a great married life. People belonging to number 7 are very talented. They should be confident about their decisions rather than taking advise from other people and getting influenced.

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