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Tuscany embraces its visitors like long-lost friends. Prepare for enchanted moments in the lush bloom of May. Tuscany is a place that once visited, engages the heart, and calls it back again and again.

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Enjoy the bella luna and enlightenment under the waxing moon! Fattoria Del Colle is our retreat location. It is a tranquil oasis that lies in an untouched corner of the countryside, in the south of Chianti. The estate is a small hamlet miraculously unspoiled through the course of the centuries. At the heart of the hamlet stand the 16th century villa and chapel including the old sharecroppers dwellings which have been lovingly renovated into rooms of the agriturismo. Included on the property are an award winning restaurant, Osteria di Donatella, a wellness space and a cooking school.

Museo del Tarot y la baraja

The ancient land, villas, and chapel are infused with Old World charm, a dose of mystery and an invitation to unfetter your senses. Fattoria Del Colle is home to the only all-female owned winery in Italy, where they produce the memorable Brunello wines. In the wellness centre there is a Turkish bath, sauna, relaxation room, sensorial shower, foot bath and Jacuzzi. The massage room and the vinotherapy cave with its juniper wood tub, are known for their detoxifying qualities and magical elixirs.

The Casato Prime Donne wines are used for bathing in and for cosmetics such as grape dust, saline wine face scrub, massage wine serum, all of which contain rejuvenating essences. All contain healing energy from the ancient land that surrounds the estate. This day creates a solid foundation in Tarot knowledge that you can build upon. Everyone of us has access to our inner wisdom — and this class will show you how to tap in and trust your gut.

This knowledge will help you with memorization, timing events, and picking significators. For example the Two of Wands. That mask has me really digging for the deeper significance. It clues me in on some other aspect I had not considered before. The Knave and his wonder at the sprouting wand is perfect, but why is there a woman standing alone in a gondola staring out at a departing ship, and is that ship on fire?

Has a mast fallen? Do I need to know? There are, however, misdirects, which make the cards difficult to meditate on.

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You must always use your intellect and memory when skying on this deck. For example, the symbol on the cask the laborer bears in the 7 of Pentacles should be Saturn, not the Sun. This card represents the realm of unfulfilled potentials, failures, and restrictions, after all. Still, it is very plain to see that labor is the point in this rendering. That essence was captured beautifully. The 8 and 9 of Wands require some intellectualizing and memory, too, as they appear to have nothing at all going on in the scenes, the difference between them being, most notably, that the 8 is morning and 9 is evening.

The 9 has a ship in the distance with, I think, a sail falling into the lagoon. The entire suit of Wands would probably be improved by the addition of fire in the images — lamps, candles, or torches. A couple of the court cards have this. It is helpful, particularly since this fiery suit is represented by posts in the water. Hands are intriguing throughout the deck. The deck is very watery throughout, and the images very well suited for readings of an emotional or romantic nature. The women in this deck are amazing — beautiful, strong, and liberated.

With the exception of the Tower, they are all enjoying themselves to some degree.

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The images of the Queens are so very well defined. You know who these women are without a doubt. The Aces seem to be misdirects for the suits; the watery Cups represented by an airborne scarf, the airy Swords reflected in water, no land in sight for the Coins. The Ace of Wands comes with an intriguing warning. Speaking of, yet another misdirect is the ace of clubs playing card depicted next to a man stabbed in the chest and on the ground dying in the 5 of Swords.

Why is that card on the ground with him? It means well-being, prosperity, and great spiritual satisfaction. Was the card chosen deliberately? The cards are sturdy and an ideal weight for playing with longevity. I have a deck of similar weight that I have been using for 30 years. I was a kid when I bought it, but I have always treated it with gentleness and respect.

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Known as Guglielmina, she came to Milan about Newman, She wasn't a Cathar though she may have been influenced by the Brethren of the Free Spirit, a similar sect in northern Europe Vaneigem, Although her followers proclaimed her to be the Incarnation of the Holy Spirit, she wasn't generally regarded as a heretic and four local churches had paintings of the "saint.

Moakley suggested that one of her followers, Maifreda da Pirovano, cousin of Matteo Visconti, was the model for the Papess card in the Viscounti-Sforza deck. She was indeed elected Pope by the sect. However, by the end of the thirteenth century, the situation began to change. Some of the Cathari's most powerful patrons and protectors lost political power, and they were reduced to a clandestine existence Lambert, The last bishop was arrested in Figlione in , and the last Cathar detected in Florence was in In Inquisitors discovered Catharism in the valleys of the Alps, working in intense secrecy, meetings at night, imposing oaths against betrayal, using secret sign of recognition, "pressing little fingers together".

In , the end of Catharism was marked by digging up 15 dead heretics and burning their bodies Lambert, After this, the religion as a public entity only existed in Bosnia. The fatal flaw that caused the death of Catharism was the critical role of the Perfecti and their vulnerability to detection. Without the Perfecti to administer the deathbed consolamentum, the ordinary Cathar believer is reduced to hopelessness--there is no means for salvation, and Catharism makes no sense. And in the growing commercial atmosphere of the Italian cities, with their intimate dissected neighborhoods, it became impossible to hide a celibate vegetarian who had taken a vow of poverty!

So why couldn't the Perfecti blend in, pretending to be married and eating meat only in public?

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Because even a casual touch from the opposite sex was a sin. With that sin, the Perfecti lost their status as initiates and their power to administer the deathbed consolamentum. They would have to be re-confirmed and receive a new consolamentum each time this occurred. So by their own doctrine, it was practically impossible to "blend in.

Without written documents and with little opportunity to communicate or reinforce an oral tradition, the elegance of the original theology stood little chance even if an individual "Perfect" could be hidden by sympathetic families and neighborhoods. So could the Tarot, which appears for the first time in Ferrara in , be a direct legacy of the Cathari? Well, it is possible--but it is a stretch.


Catharism maintained itself in small secret groups, and it is conceivable that remnants of these still existed by the time the Tarot appears. So it is far more likely that the contribution of Cathar dualism to the Tarot was indirect--it passed through other hands in the later stages.

venice italy tarot 2020 Venice italy tarot 2020
venice italy tarot 2020 Venice italy tarot 2020
venice italy tarot 2020 Venice italy tarot 2020
venice italy tarot 2020 Venice italy tarot 2020
venice italy tarot 2020 Venice italy tarot 2020

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