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While a Libra actively pursues relationships, has many casual friends, and always wants a significant other at their side. This "we' aspect of Libra can be the downfall to their relationship.

Air Signs and Aquarius

When an Aquarian and Aquarian form a relationship, it's a natural and exciting bond that's founded on mutual freedom. Both have trouble fitting the usual romantic relationship stereotypes and rarely care about the taboos, restrictions, and rules. Live and let live is this couple's motto. Certainly, their duel "whatever works for you" attitude will make their sex life interesting and full of experimentation.

However, due to their duel fixed natures, there will be intellectual disagreements that can turn into unpleasant never-ending conflicts.


An Aquarian, coupled with the Fire signs, can be an explosive combination. Their sex life will be fiery and electric rather than emotional and even in a committed romantic relationship, Aries and Sagittarius are both willing to give Aquarius plenty of breathing room. The most significant problem with either is that it's a coupling of two freedom-loving individuals who don't want to settle down.

An Aquarius and Aries can create a quirky and unconventional relationship. Both are independent rebels who love exploring and are fascinated by anything or anyone new, engaging, and exciting.

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Though there will be differences of opinion and heated arguments, neither is so sensitive that they can't get past a few disagreements. Leo is the Fixed Fire sign of the zodiac. Aquarius is the Fixed Air sign of the zodiac. Is a Leo compatible with an Aquarian? The physical attraction is there but, as with all opposites, they are very different people.

In the end, an Aquarian is an egalitarian, and a Leo wants to be seen and treated as special, especially by their significant other.

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Both are fixed, translated that mean set in their ways, but if one or both have other planets in Mutable signs they could have an amazing relationship. Aquarius and Sagittarius are both upbeat, forward-thinking, progressive, and open to living an unconventional life. They're kindred spirits who have idealistic convictions, a touch unpredictability, and can accept each other's quirks and idiosyncrasies. Most people tend to think soul mate love is a blissful and perfect love that lasts a lifetime.

But a soul mate relationship has little to do with bliss.

Words like demanding, challenging, draining, painful, intense, haunting, addictive, passionate, and life-changing describe the nature of a soul mate relationship. When soul mates meet, there's a familiarity. They are drawn to each other, feel they have known one another somewhere in time, and there's a sense of excitement and anticipation.

A soul mate relationship can be bliss in the beginning, but it won't be long before the agony and drama set in. There's potent and intense magic in a soul mate relationship. Kerala family serial killer Jolly linked to 3 more deaths. Kolkata Metro records biggest footfall ever in a single day. PMC Bank accused's custody extended; no bail, only jail. Fire breaks out at a godown in Delhi's Daryaganj. Turkish warplanes attacking civilian areas in Northern Syria. Wish I could follow Jinping's example and put corrupt in jail: Imran.

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