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It is comforting to know that the things I feel are accurate. The chart was extremely organized and easy to read. You truly have a gift. I cannot tell you how happy I am! Thank you so much. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review. It was a pleasure writing it. You are a beautiful soul! Thank you so much for providing an insight into my inner being. The way you tied the report at the end touched my soul. I allowed a close friend to read excerpts and he said that it almost read as if I was describing myself.

I am deeply moved and very satisfied with your services. I would recommend this birth chart reading for clarity, insights, or confirmation of self awareness. Thanks SM! My birth chart was outstandingly correct. I intend to read it every other week or so to remind myself who I really am. Thank you again for your service.

Thank you Josue for this kind review! I love my birthchart so much, I will keep it forever! So crazy, so me, so true. Thank you so much for such a wonderful read! Oh my gosh, where do I start? I needed to read this birth chart. I needed to read this birth chart at this transformational point of my life. I had to pause so many times while reading my chart, to simply think.

I can now point out and deal with my flaws. Not avoid them. Not deny them. This chart not only taught me A LOT of stuff that I need to know about myself, but it probably saved my life.

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I am forever indebted to you. Thank you Scorpio sister for taking the time to write this review! I have a lot to learn and change and this was a true guide to start living in a better way. Scorpio Power, SM. I have read and reread my chart over the past few weeks. It speaks to my soul! ScorpioMystique thank you so much for my chart.

There is no other way to put it besides you are absolutely, undoubtedly, and extraordinarily gifted!!! Thank you for my birth chart reading I know you put a lot of love and soul into it and I appreciate it. Looking forward to supporting more of your products in the future. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review, Nikita! I could not wait to have my birthchart reading. It was everything I expected and more. Gave me great insight into my self and knowledge for a life time. The scorpio mystique is so talented.

All the detail she puts into her work is spot on and amazing. Really opens your eyes and your mind to yourself. I received my reading in August , and it has yet to be anything less than eye opening, enlightening and grounding. Every few weeks I read the entire page report again and I feel incredibly empowered and so encouraged having myself revealed to myself.

Scorpios, please purchase. You will not regret it. I came across Scorpio Mystique one day online and decided to invest in a birth chart reading. Every thin g makes sence now thanks to her Thank you for the best gift. Reading about your strengths and weaknesses sounds more complicated than it is. Get to know yourself on a deeper level because You deserve it. ScorpioMystique makes it easy to read and personal. You can tell she put time, love and passion into it. My Birth Chart Reading was very informative and worth every penny. Helps a lot in my evolution and understanding!

Thank you so much for the reading.


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It was spot on and showed both the lower frequencies I have overcome and some of the healthy challenges I face as my continuous transformation and growth. I recommend everyone get a birth chart reading. You are amazing SM, continue to let your light shine. The brighter the light, the bigger the shadow. Thanks for such a thorough reading.

It was truly enlightening and I can see myself referring back to it on a regular basis. It was definitely worth it. I was super excited to read my natal chart! ScorpioMystique truly delivered.

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Reading the chart allowed me to learn more about myself and validate the things I could never explain to other people. Also, the writing is very descriptive and understandable. Thank you, ScorpioMystique! Reading my birthchart was a completely eye-opening experience! She was able to validate so many aspects of my life while lending some sound advice as to how to deal with certain troubles. I really enjoyed reading my birth chart and I feel like I know myself even better. I highly recommend all you astrology-lovers to get your birth chart reading!

So special. This was the most accurate depiction I have ever read about my life. I knew you were something magical, and this did not disappoint. Bless you for your being, and together, we Scorpios will transform the world. It was like someone reached into the very depths of my soul and being, knew everything about me and more. There are no words to describe how awe inspiring, uncomfortable looking at some truths about self is quite disturbing and uncomfortable.

But now I know how to deal with these parts of myself. I felt like my best friend was sitting there holding my hand while I read it. It was so exiting to finally get answers and confirmations to questions I have been asking myself for years! This reading was so detailed and in depth.

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I could tell ScorpioMystique took her time and that means a lot. It is very affordable and the information lasts a lifetime. Thank you so much for this reading my Scorpio sister. We even have the same Birthday! ScorpioMystique let me know that interesting fact in the beginning of the reading.

Yo can I just bring to mind how much more awake and harmonious this world would be if everyone got their birth chart at birth? The end part made me teary eyed and left me feeling like I was finally understood. I am so pleased with my Birth Chart. I have been so looking forward to reading it and when I finally got it I was like wow! I am so grateful for the work you do girl! I will keep reading my Birth Chart until everything syncs in.

Hey, fellow Scorpios! I had to read my birth chart and walk away to absorb it. I have gained insight into who I am, and who I have the potential to be. And even with us having a technical hiccup she made sure that it was worth my while. The intricacies of the birth chart are what made it even more fascinating, and not only did you shock me for understanding my inner yearnings and truths, you made it sound so conversational as if I was listening to your podcast and that was very powerful.

I appreciate the personalized approach, and it made the birth chart more straightforward to understand.

August 21 Zodiac

I am entirely new but have always been intrigued by astrology, and after reading my chart, I immediately thought of positive intentions that I could manifest in my life. Advice from one Scorpio to the next, please get your birth chart! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

It is totally me!!!! I feel this dark side sometimes! But yes, I definitely love to party and I guess that is why I am attracting to me a lot of Geminis who love to party even more! Thank you for all this amazing work and remember, we Scorpios are the best and I know already Leos are gonna roar against this and Aries get jealous! ScorpioMystique Where Scorpios come to soar. Birth Chart Reading Rated 4.

Birth Chart Reading quantity. Description Reviews 46 Description. Thank you to the core. Thoroughly enjoyed reading my birth chart. It was so accurate! Dear Alexa, Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review. Best, SM. Your astrological chart indicates that your health is good. However, watch out for possible infections in your heart, spine, and back.

Andi Singh asks is your Birthday November 21st...

Being a Leo, you are susceptible to injuries in these parts of your body. August 21 zodiac lovers do not spare their energies when it comes to impressing their partners. You get into every relationship with a unique gusto. In fact, you are likely to wow your partner with your limitless supply of energy! You enjoy the dating game. You see it as a competition, which culminates in your getting the love of your partner. Indeed, the thrill of courtship keeps your adrenaline pumping. Of course, you and your partner get to know each other better during the courtship period.

You get to understand their needs, just as they come to appreciate your versatile personality. This means that you a likely to have a better quality relationship after this period. However, the more active Leo does not follow this script. Instead, you are likely to fall in love from a tender age. This means that you are likely to have many partners in your lifetime. This kind of lifestyle has an exciting allure for some individuals. However, it also has its pitfalls. For example, it exposes you and your partners to heartbreaks and disappointments.

Ensure to take measures to avert this eventuality. The stars indicate that you will marry when you are ready. When this does happen, you will come across as a loving, dedicated, and supportive spouse and parent. In return, your family will give you the peace and happiness you need to thrive in your personal pursuits. You have a soft spot for ambitious, energetic, and creative partners.

This is because they mirror your characteristics. As such, you can form very solid relationships with them. You can get such a lover from amongst the Aquarius, Aries, and Sagittarius.

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  7. You are highly compatible with these natives. The relationship you establish with them will be both fulfilling and long-lasting. The planetary alignment indicates that you are least compatible with a Cancerian. You do not have much in common with these natives. August 21 zodiac people are very determined to achieve their objectives. You do not show any hesitation, as long as you know what you need to do. You emerge victorious in most of your engagements for two reasons.

    What are the Leo dates?

    First, you thrive in competitive environments. Competition gives you the thrill you need to keep going. Second, you have the resources necessary to pursue any activity to its logical end. Granted, most of your resources reside in your brain. The good thing is that you know how to put them to proper use. Being a kind-hearted individual, you often go out of your way to reach out to the less fortunate from your society.

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    This has earned you quite some admiration within your community. People have come to realize that you are dependable. You are an industrious person. To achieve this, you like surrounding yourself with useful people. In essence, this means that the lazy and slothful have no place in your inner circle. However, you have a few negative traits that you need to drop.

    These will taint your good reputation if you do not handle them decisively. For example, you often disregard the advice and opinions of others. You believe that your opinion is the only one viable. Now, this is not good for team spirit. All in all, one thing makes you undefeatable. Ensure that you employ it wisely. You share the August 21 birthday with many famous people from around the world. Here are five of them:. August 21 zodiac people are on the 3rd decan of Leo.

    You are in the same group as those born between August 13 and August The planet Mars plays an instrumental role in this decan. As such, you exude the more outstanding qualities of this celestial body. For example, you are ambitious, outgoing, determined, principled, and fiery. These are the more positive qualities of Leo. People define you by your great sense of loyalty. You believe in standing by the people you know well.

    leo november 21 birthday astrology Leo november 21 birthday astrology
    leo november 21 birthday astrology Leo november 21 birthday astrology
    leo november 21 birthday astrology Leo november 21 birthday astrology
    leo november 21 birthday astrology Leo november 21 birthday astrology
    leo november 21 birthday astrology Leo november 21 birthday astrology

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