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Narendra Modi came to the front foot leaving Mr. Advani and Mr. Keshu bhai patel. This clarifies the role of Saturn in his life. Sun is very impressed by him and Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Ketu situated in the constellation of Sun is very important in his kundali. The term Neechabhanga indicates cancellation of debilitation. The surprising fact is that moon is situated in the lower planes in Mr. Modi; due to this fact the duo has an amazing performance in their field. This fact would be all the more exciting when readers would know that Mr. L K Advani was also born in the same nakshatra.

His kundali is also being cited here.

The facts of lower astronomic representation of BJP and all its stars is a subject for research. A new prediction is being professed on the bases of birth Nakshatra of Mr. Advani would not retire and his innings are yet not over, he will be at a high position in times to come. It is because the six kind of powers that a planet has is very low for Sun in Mr.

They will get success only after performing huge rituals to strengthen the Sun. On the contrary, Sun is the most powerful planet in Mr. Hence he will get the great omnipotence.

Which is the correct horoscope of Narendra Modi ?

When the election results would be declared, on that day Mr. The Ketu at 6th asterism would be eyed by the retrograde Mars along with Rahu and Saturn. Now, because the Sun will come in the seventh asterism from the lagn so an intense game of value adulation will go on and his supporting parties would be lured. Modi would have great challenges with his co partners.

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He has been the in-charge of Gujrat elections, in all the previous elections and currently managing the elections for Mr. His current planetary position states that Venus is in mahadasha and Jupiter is in antardasha moving secretly. When the results would be declared in antardasha of the lord of fate Jupiter , then Jupiter would give effect of Cancer at that time and he will have a strong fate.

Mercury and Venus are sitting in the tenth asterism from the Moon which professes the omnipotence of first grade. Accordingly, it is predicted for Mr. Mathur that he will go a long way in politics. He will get a high post and antardasha Jupiter will be very profitable for him. The planetary move after 16th May is very favorable for him and he will become popular.

As he the chief advisor of Mr. Modi, hence his birth chart also indicates the better time for Mr.

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Due to week Mercury, BJP will not be able to make the government on its own, without any support. Narendra Modi came back and joined business of his uncle. In between he was also married in but ceased living with his wife Jashodaben very shortly after marriage. Now see only the Scorpio lagan chart have the combination of lack of marital comforts not the Libra lagna chart where the 7 th lord Mars is in good conjunction with 10 th lord Moon. At the time of his marriage Narendra Modi was 18 years of age and Jashodaben was just As per Jashodaben she had spent 3 months with her husband and later he left her to begin wandering in the Himalayas practicing Sanyasa.

In the Scorpio lagna chart the 7 th lord Venus is in own asterism Nakshatra which as per some classic text gives lack of happiness from marriage.

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The 7 th house from lagna, Moon and Venus is receiving the joint aspect of Saturn and Mars which destroy the marital bliss. Now see the Navamsha chart. In the Scorpio Navamsha chart the 7th lord Venus is with Rahu. The lagna lord Mars is debliteated and is in mutual aspect with Sun and the 8th lord Mercury showing lack of marital happiness. He got married in the dasha of Mercury which is afflicted in the Navamsha chart. Moreover, if we see the Scorpio lagna Rashi chart the Rahu in the 5th house receiving the aspect of Sun make an astrological combination of no child birth due to the curse of serpent.

But if we take the Libra Tula lagan chart for Narendra Modi then the 5th lord Saturn giving aspect to its own house along with the lagna lord Venus shows the promise of childbirth. Narendra Modi does not having any child is astrologically explainable with only the Scorpio lagna chart not the Tula lagna chart is amply clear. Narendra Modi studied political science in his masters degree course from Gujarat University.

The Scorpio lagna chart amply explain his education in political science as Sun is giving aspect to the 5th house of education. On 25 June then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared state of emergency which continued until Narendra Modi went underground and was never arrested during this period. In Libra lagna there are equal numbers of planets in the 2 nd and 12 th house from the ascendant which make a Bandhan yoga.

Narendra Modi become involve in printing pamphlets opposing government, sending them to Delhi and organizing protests. In Dashamsha the Saturn is the lord of lagan in beautiful exchange with 5 th lord Venus there. It was during Venus maha dasha that he entered into politics.

Narendra Modi and Analysis of his Horoscope

Venus is Vargottama and strongly place in the 10 th house in Rashi chart. He rose within the party BJP in when he helped L. In Dashamsha chart the Moon is in the 11th house of gains. In May Modi was promoted as the general secretary of the BJP for his work during successful Gujarat assembly polls.

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  8. On 7 October Modi took the oath of office. Mercury the anter dasha lord is in the 11 th house of gains and is conjoined with 10 th lord Sun. But since it is also taking the lordship of 8 th house it has to create some obstacles during its sub period. The Gujarat riots in February-March give a setback to his image for which he subsequently claimed that some journalist acted irresponsibly in their coverage of events.

    What Narendra Modi Birth Stars Predict?

    The conjunction of 10 th lord Sun with the 8 th lord Mercury and Ketu has to give troubles in his career. The maha dasha lord Venus taking the lordship of 7 th house also shows violence. Modi was accused for mishandling the situation post Godhara incident which instigated the violence leading to killing hundreds of people and leaving thousands homeless.

    PM Narendra Modi's horoscope analysis/Astrologer Rajeev

    However, Modi managed to won the assembly elections in December and sworn in as the chief minister for the second time. It was during Venus-Mercury-Jupiter in Vimshottari. In his second term he lead Gujarat to become an attractive investment destination. He established special economic zone and technology parks in Gujarat making it the most develop state in the country in terms of economic growth rate.

    He won the next two assembly elections very easily dominating the opposition Congress party despite the fact that they were ruling at the center and troubling him with judicial inquires and media trials. It was during Sun-Saturn and Moon-Rahu Vimshottari dashas when he won consecutive elections as chief minister becoming a leader of national stature. Moon as the lord of 9 th house and Jupiter as the 5 th lord are both functional benefic planets for Vrischika lagna chart of Modi promising him a great rise.

    It was no surprise that BJP won the general elections by attaining full majority in the leadership of Narendra Modi in May

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