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A way which is slower but spiritually more valid and permanent if successful!

Aspect Patterns

This way can start with work along the lines of analytical psychology Jung, etc. Likewise, a sound type of astro-psychological study and self-education under expert guidance, preferably! But this can only happen when the birth-chart is considered as being a symbolical solution to the great work of bringing into a concrete operative manifestation in a mature personality the spiritual identity of the individual. This spiritual identity begins to assert itself in relation to the new-born baby with the "first cry". The birth-chart is the "word of power", the magic formula which expresses symbolically the character of the spirit's will to incarnation ; which indicates the manner in which this process of incarnation will basically operate through series of experiences and crises.

It is a formula which the course of events can be expected to follow, not as a matter of external compulsion or fate, but because certain types of events are required to produce the kind of crises which the spiritual identity needs in order to become a concrete, integral, mature and creative personality. No one has to fear what the birth-chart reveals if it is read with spiritual discrimination. What is in the birth-chart is what is required to bring about the fullest possible manifestation of the spirit in and through the personality.

It is God's prescription for a spiritually successful incarnation. The point is, however, that what God or spirit expects of the life of a newborn baby may not be at all the type of thing which the mother or father expects! These parental expectations are usually either self-centered or dictated by some average ideal of what a normally successful life should be. God, obviously, is not interested in either alternative, nor is the spiritual identity that seeks to fulfill a definite purpose in becoming involved in the life of a human organism just being born.

This grouping indicates power, possibly even genius

How can anyone discover this purpose of the incarnating spirit? How can anyone find in the birth-chart, progressions and transits, "God's prescription" for the fulfillment of such a purpose? It is to these questions that I shall try now to give at least tentative answers. These answers should never be taken too literally. They indicate a way, an approach to the interpretation of the chart and to what can be expected from the interpretation.

But they are obviously not the way. In the hands of some people they should provide excellent results; others may find them of little practical value. It is so with everything which has spiritual implications; because in such cases, everything depends upon the power of the spirit within, upon the readiness to face crises and self-surrender. Some Practiced Steps 1. The first step derives from the realization that a birth-chart must be considered and understood as a whole. No chart has any significance except as a whole, exactly as no word can be understood by taking out of it two or three letters and studying them as separate factors.

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The birth-chart is a formula, a prescription for the development of a mature personality. If any part of it is omitted, the whole meaning may be invalidated. The meaning, the solution of the problem, is in the whole — not in the parts. From the point of view which I am taking here, it is essential for any valid results that the birth-chart be calculated for the exact moment and place of birth. This does not mean that a general or so-called "solar" chart made only for the day of birth has no value. But if one tries to find in a birth-chart the very purpose of the long process of birth as an individual person, and a solution to the problems and crises of this "birthing", then one must have a precise timing and placing of the individualizing event : the birth cry.

The main indicator of that which makes a human being unique and individual, different from all other human beings, is the cross constituted by the natal horizon and meridian, i. The ascendant is most particularly the symbol of the essential uniqueness of being of the individual. And an individual is, relatively at least, a "unique" being because he has a unique purpose to achieve. It is in order to achieve this unique purpose that the individual identity — the spirit-breath — becomes incorporated in a human body.

The fact that the body is "human" is the general factor in the life and destiny. The fact that there is a unique purpose for the incorporation of the spiritual identity constitutes the individual and individualizing factor. The former is shown by the planets including Sun and Moon ; and the "solar" chart shows what particular type of "human" nature is revealed by the body as a living organism.

The individualizing factor — that which makes the individual's pattern of experience unique — is more precisely indicated by the natal cross of horizon and meridian. It is, indeed, very difficult to know the exact degree of the natal ascendant — thus, the exact minute of the first cry. But it is logical that it should be so: for how few, among the billions of human beings on earth, ever come to realize that they are "individuals", that they are spiritual identities gradually demonstrating their power and fulfilling their selfhood through lives illuminated by a clear and definite sense of purpose?

The exact degrees of the four angles of the birth-chart remain, therefore, in most cases a mystery. It is never too wise to reveal to everybody one's exact ascendant, for it holds the key to the essential individuality of the self in this particular life. How can this key be used? By integrating the indications revealed by the zodiacal signs and degrees at the four angles, with a stronger emphasis upon the ascendant; by studying the symbols for the degrees represented, according to the Sabian series which, in my opinion, is by far the most significant and reliable set of zodiacal symbols.

As the exact time of birth is usually uncertain, "rectification" becomes necessary; but there is no certainty that any set of rules for rectification will always apply, as these rules differ, depending upon various astrological "authorities". The subject, however, cannot be discussed in this article, important as it is. Once the approximate degrees of the angles of the birth-chart have been found and the planets have been correctly placed in the houses of the chart, the next thing to do is to mark out clearly, by whatever means seems most convenient, the geometrical pattern made by the planets including the Sun and Moon.

This means calculating the "aspects" between the planets and establishing the way in which these planets are placed in relation to the natal horizon and meridian — also, in relation to the Moon nodes' axis, and possibly other axes of usually secondary importance. As a result of these calculations, the pattern of the entire chart will emerge. It can be interpreted most simply by referring it to the sevenfold classification devised by Marc Jones in his Guide to Horoscope Interpretation ; or in other ways.

But in any case, the chart must be made significant as a complete all-inclusive whole. It is a word, a logos. It has a message to tell, as a whole.

It is, I repeat, God's prescription for the incorporation of a spiritual identity in and through a series of individual and individualizing life-experiences or crises. The attempt to visualize the whole chart as a significant word or formula includes evidently a quick perception of the zodiacal positions of the planets; but nothing like the usual practice of tabulating the meanings and "strength" of each planet according to its zodiacal position, as it is taught in most textbooks.

The Grand Cross or Grand Square as a Supportive Structure

This factor of "zodiacal position" can be, and has been, I believe, entirely overestimated in the cases of most planets. It assuredly is meaningless as far as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are concerned, because these planets remain in the same sign for years. Thus, their presence in any one sign refers to the mere fact that a person belongs to one generation or another. It has an over-all historical meaning. The response of the individual to this meaning can only be found in terms of the house in which the planets are located at birth.

The factor of zodiacal position has meaning in itself mostly where the Sun and the Moon are concerned, because these two "Lights" as they are called in traditional astrology represent the two aspects, or polarities, of the life-force, and the zodiac is the field of operation of this life-force. The zodiac is the "electromagnetic field" or vital "aura" of the earth; it is the symbol of the yearly cycle of distribution of the life-force, issuing from the Sun and adapted by the Moon to the everyday use of every living organism on earth.

Thus, the, exact zodiacal positions of the Sun and the Moon are the main indicators of what types of energies a human organism and personality are using, in order to remain alive and growing. The knowledge of the basic characteristics of these solar and lunar energies at work in a particular person is obviously most valuable, for almost everything else derives from these energies and from the way they operate — both at the biological and the psychological level. The soli-lunar forces condition and define the main instincts or "drives" of a human personality, just as the type of fuel used in running an engine establishes the essential structure and capacity for work of the engine.

It is useless to seek to remedy some defect in the operation of a motor if you do not know, at first, whether it operates on steam-power, gasoline, electricity. The zodiacal position of the Sun represents the type of energy used; that of the Moon, the mode of distribution and circulation of the energy-releasing fuel or power. The relation between the Sun and the Moon is, therefore, the most basic of all astrological factors dealing with life and with the use, availability, direction and purpose of the life-energies of the total organism of personality.

The positions of the planets modify this relationship, help or thwart its workings, but do not change its nature or essential characteristics. Any significant and truly revealing study of the related positions of the Sun and the Moon at birth requires that these positions be referred to the "lunation cycle" in which the birth occurred; thus, to the preceding New Moon. The " New Moon before birth " represents the hidden source of the life-force and of the basic organic impulse within the body and the unconscious aspect of the psyche or inner life. The phase of the lunation cycle at which a person is born constitutes what I have called his or her "lunation birthday" and is of extreme importance in establishing the way in which the personality operates as a functioning organism — a subject I discussed some months ago Your Lunation Birthday , Horoscope, December The study of the Sun's and Moon's positions in the birth-chart takes place at a particular moment of the person's life — whether the person consults an astro-psychological analyst or undertakes the study by himself or herself.

This particular moment is of great importance, because a person who studies his chart brings to the study or to what is told to him by the astrologer what he is at the time of the inquiry. He approaches the birth-chart with the wisdom or ignorance, the relative degree of frustration and fulfillment, the eagerness or weariness of soul and mind, which are his at the time. He has a certain biological age: that is, so many of his birthdays have passed.

He has, also, a psychological individual age which is determined by the use he has made of his opportunities and his handicaps. These ages determine largely what he will see in the chart; or how he will accept and understand what the analyst will tell him. Therefore, this age-factor must be carefully considered. And this brings in the need to study what I have called "the progressed lunation cycle". I cannot repeat here what I have already stated; but I must stress the fact that no valuable psychological assistance can be given to any person unless this person is approached at the level of personal development which he has reached at the time.

The study of the progressed lunation cycle and of all planetary progressions subservient to it is necessary, astrologically speaking, to evaluate this level. This evaluation must necessarily include a great amount of intuitive judgment and of "feeling-with" the client.

Yet the pattern of the year-long "progressed lunation cycle" provides an objective kind of measuring rod or frame of reference. Subconscious promptings are focused into the unoccupied area opposite the focal planet. It can be revealing to note the transits through this area — during these periods there may be important life events. Sakoian and L. Acker find in the T-square the character of Saturn, and consider that this configuration gives certain obstacles and the necessity of overcoming them, and also a strong, vigorous, ambitious aspiration to act.

Pressure and an appreciation of conflict are necessary here for resolving a planet in quadrature. The energy of the T-square can lead to significant achievements. The T-square is a push to success. Sakoian and Acker remark that the T-square indicates immediate crisis situations, and this quality is strongly accented in cardinal signs or angular houses. March and J.

McEvers state that in a T-square the opposition is connected with attitudes and the square with actions; as a whole, it is a dynamic configuration from which the native derives driving strength. When the T-square is in fixed signs the native operates slowly, but is resolute; as a preliminary, he will always find out all the possible problems before taking action. A mutable T-square usually indicates obstacles of indecision and wavering. Kozyritskoj and M. A configuration of aspects formed by three trines, whose planet pairs connect together three points of a horoscope.

Tense or challenging aspects may be necessary to provide the motivation to develop or grow these traits. The native is self-sufficient in these areas of life. It is a harmonious and very stable configuration. To the person with a Grand Trine as the fundamental configuration in the radix chart and if the required abilities are in evidence , the vicissitudes of life are frequently not terrible, and external conditions help him to move ahead in life more successfully and faster than others, and moreover, with ease.

However, as M. Kozyritskaja and M. Levin observe, this is true only in the first phase of life; during the period from 24 to 30 years old there are inner pressures connected with the necessity for development and the embodiment of initial abilities and opportunities. The negative side of this configuration is that it is so stable that the person seldom ventures beyond the habitual.

The stability of the Grand Trine turns on its static character — the unwillingness to develop.

A Guide to Interpreting Your Birth Chart - Astrology for Dummies

A native is able to harmonize with external situations, or even find them easy, not having considered or resolved the problems involved. In charts of great people the Grand Trine is extremely seldom a leading configuration. But, as F. Acker remark, if a Grand Trine has Mars and Saturn, the problem connected to inertia and absence of motives for dynamic action does not enter. These researchers underline that to harness the potential of a Grand Trine it is necessary to be guided and to use it in creative self-expression and efforts directed on spiritual self-improvement, otherwise, it will stay idle.

When analyzing a Grand Trine in a specific horoscope it is necessary to pay special attention to what signs contain the given configuration usually they are signs of one element — this will indicate the likely manifestation of the Grand Trine. If one of the three points of a Grand Trine is in opposition to a planet, it gives the Grand Trine an opportunity to manifest more brightly. In such configurations the most important point of the Grand Trine is the point that has the opposition aspect; and the point opposing it reveals unrealized aspirations, the fateful area of a horoscope.

'Yod (Boomerang) Aspect Pattern, Whitney Houston Birth Chart'.

This configuration is called the Kite see below. This is a quincunx-sextile-quincunx. It features a crisis of — and a need for — perspective, in which the energies of the two sextiled planets find difficulty integrating with that of the apex, quincunxed planet. This dichotomy is not directly a conflict, rather a bewilderingly dualistic, seemingly irresolvable and compromising situation. It is a secret to be decoded, an intense dilemma, or a visitation from the Unknown. Allowing things to happen rather than seeking to steer them is what is called for here: yet, underneath, there is a new kind of adepthood which brings in a new form of control without holding on, if we can see it.

Sun-Mercury and Mars-Pluto are sextile one another. There can be much uncertainty with the quincunx aspects, which can certainly stimulate restlessness and a vague feeling that the native is missing something undefinable. With the quincunx, there is often a sense that one thing has to be given up in order to gain in the other area, that there are always difficult choices to make.

The focal point in this case, Jupiter will be an area where big life lessons occur. The yod can be accentuated when an opposition is thrown in, with two semisextile aspects too. The opposition forces the issue, and the apex planet then becomes very critical: what it represents needs to be consciously worked, owned, and integrated. A configuration of intense aspects, formed by four squares. A special case of the Grand Square is the Grand Cross. Grand Square — the most intense quadrangular configuration. It encloses the person in a framework of severe constraints, which are perceived as pressing.

The Grand Square gives a lot of energy which demands to be used, internal dynamism, insistence, force. Those with a Grand Square in the natal chart crystallize much very early. These are very dynamic people, but they manifest inflexibly in relating to the world. This is shown most rigidly in a Grand Square with two internal oppositions see the Grand Cross. A more moderate form is the Grand Square without an internal cross. In this case there are no rigid tensions between the poles, there is less dynamism, and more flexibility.

In general, it is not necessary to consider the Grand Square as a destructive configuration; on the contrary, it is a very stable pattern producing results through effort. A configuration of intense aspects, formed by four points of a horoscope which occur as pairs of oppositions connected by squares. Essentially, this aspect pattern is four interlocking squares. This Grand Cross is somewhat wide in orb.

Life can be a series of challenges and crises for the native with a Grand Cross. Obstacles can come from within attitudes and without external circumstances. Rarely will a person with this combination choose the path of least resistance. They tend to seek out challenges.

Globa cites the Grand Cross as the most clearly operating configuration which symbolically corresponds to the element of Fire. Such people are very confident in their correctness and do not turn aside, but concede only under great pressure, and then only for a while. McEvers suggest that when the Grand Cross is present in the natal chart, the native is capable of surprising efforts and vigorous activity.

The direction of these efforts and actions depends on the cross of qualities and houses in which the points of the Grand Cross are located. The cardinal cross always indicates speed of action, the fixed cross strongly pronounced resoluteness when acting, while the mutable cross in many respects depends on the actions and reactions of other people. Acker remark that any attempt to solve a problem associated with one planet of the Grand Cross burdens the other planets connected in the configuration with problems. The native is thus compelled to hasten from one crisis situation to another, unable to concentrate on any one situation for long enough to truly find a constructive resolution.

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